The Mama behind Milke.

Allyx is a photographer, writer, podcast host, graphic designer and your new #1 hype girl!

Her vision is for all mothers and children to feel seen, heard, appreciated and unconditionally loved by themselves & others.


Doing her part to get there, Allyx makes it her mission to help mothers see themselves through a new lens, both figuratively and literally, so that they can fill their own cups so much that there's so much overflow into those around them.

She gives mothers the tools they never got from the midwives or the child health nurses to actually live their best lives as a new mother & be able to give their new babe all the very best as well.

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Hello gorgeous!


Thanks for dropping by!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a mama with a decade old love for photography and a knack for capturing moments that you might miss if you blink, especially with ever-moving little ones.

I'm always the
loud, super energetic one that's running around and playing with the kids, cracking (usually bad) jokes to cheer people up, and make it my mission that those around me  feel super comfortable, seen and loved unconditionally.

This is probably because for years
I knew exactly what it felt like to be constantly anxious, uncomfortable, on edge.

Feeling like I always have to please everyone to be seen and heard and appreciated, not realising how much I was dimming myself to fit in.

never want anyone to have to feel that way because I've been there and it sucks. big time.

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What makes working with me different

I make it my priority to create your "safe space".

What sets me apart is that I'm able to make my clients feel
comfortable almost instantly, as if they're having a catch-up with a friend, and funnily enough a lot of my clients end up becoming friends.

I am also very comfortable with neurodivergent families, both having ADHD myself as well as growing up with an autistic brother. I also loved my experiences working with children who were neurodivergent and with disabilities.

I know how to pose and guide clients to make them feel relaxed while looking their very best. I use natural lighting as often as possible and do my best to make sure everyone is having as much fun as they can possibly have.

During our time together the only things I care about is how much fun your having, how comfortable you are and how your photos come out, nothing else.

I'm passionate about my work because I believe moments are precious, to be treasured.

Capturing them can help us do this, and by supporting mothers we can give our children the strongest, fiercest models to look up to and emulate as they grow into the future of our world.


If this sounds like something you can get on board with then hit the button below, I can't wait to work with you and your family soon and make some magic!

Until then I'm sending you lots of love,

Allyx x