Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your Milk Baths?

We use a bath oil that is a water dispersible and turns white on contact with water as our "Milk".
It is pediatrician recommended, suitable for delicate and sensitive skin of both littles and adults.

Occasionally there will be other additions to this oil and water, for example in the hot chocolate baths I add some powdered cocoa, but I will always advise.

Where is the Studio?
Do you travel?

The home studio is in Haynes, which is where most sessions are held. 

Depending on your package you may have a choice of locations.

I will provide a list of suggestions in the welcome pack, however if you have somewhere in mind I am always open to new adventures!

What is your usual turn around?

Usual time between shooting and having your photos to you is 2-3 weeks,

I will be able to give you a closer estimate based on your shoot type and how busy we are upon booking.

Mini Session Promos will always be ready for you before the event, i.e Christmas minis were all sent out a week before Christmas, so you can have them printed in time if need be.

Other Common Questions

Q:What should I bring?
A: Any outfits you'd like shot, any favourite toys or snacks to gain cooperation.
If your shoot is a milk bath I recommend you bring a towel, spare nappy and clothes for before/after. Don't stress too much if you forget, we do have towels and toiletries here and a full bathroom to use if required.

Q: How far in advance should I book?
I highly advise booking 2-3 months in advance, as I am often booked & would hate for you to miss out 
Pregnant mamas - I recommend booking anywhere between 30 weeks -35 weeks, while you are still comfortable

Q: Are there any hidden costs or fees?
A: I am very transparent about my pricing, so my advertised pricing is inclusive of everything listed in the respective package/promotion.
I will advise you in advance if anything you request will be an additional charge, such as a gallery upgrade or printing.


Q: Will my photos be posted publicly on your site

or social media?
A: I respect your privacy and allow each client to decide whether or not they want their photos displayed publicly. I’d love to show off you & your images, if you’re game! If not, that's okay, too.


Q: Will you Photoshop my images to hide any spots, etc?
A: Minor edits will be made to all of your images, but I believe our imperfections are what make us beautiful & unique. If there are specific edits you want, these may be charged additionally according to the number and complexity of edits.

Q: Do you offer printing or artwork?

A: I'm very happy to say as of 2022 we sure do!

All info can be found under the printing tab in the Milke. Menu for artwork, albums, prints, all sorts of goodies!

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