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How's your Mama Brain going?

Updated: Apr 10

Hey Mama, How are you going? And I don't wanna hear "fine", I really want to know. I want to know how you're feeling today, how you're coping this week, your highlights and lowlights.

We all have ups and downs, it's part of life, but if you are feeling like you're having more downs than you'd like, keep reading because this post is for you.

If you are here from my instagram and want to head straight to the resources, they are at the bottom of the page for you x


"Feeling good" is very subjective, and most people have some symptoms of anxiety every now and then, however if symptoms don’t last long and don’t really interfere with daily life, it’s probably OK. You can manage these symptoms with some of the easy tips below:

  • Deep Breaths - 5 deep breaths, or cube breathing ( 4 secs in, hold, out, hold) and it's important to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth

  • Stretch - You can do a lot of stretches just at your desk or in bed before bed or when you get up, or through the day as needed. A fantastic stretch for anxiety and stress is the "Wall Sit". The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Sit with your right side against the wall, with bent knees and your feet drawn in toward your hips.

  2. Swing your legs up against the wall as you turn to lie flat on your back.

  3. Place your hips against the wall or slightly away.

  4. Place your arms in any comfortable position.

  • Write it out - Get a little journal or a journal app and just write in it throughout the day whenever you need to get anything out of your head, this is surprisingly effective.

While most people have some symptoms of anxiety every now and then, if symptoms last longer than a couple of weeks and/or you feel they are starting to interfere with daily life, that is not okay. You might need to think about seeking help if:

  • you’re having some of the symptoms below nearly every day

  • the symptoms are distressing or difficult to control

  • the symptoms interfere with your health, your relationships, or your ability to manage your daily life.

Physical symptoms You might:

  • have trouble relaxing or sleeping, even when your baby is asleep

  • have tense muscles or a ‘tight’ chest

  • feel your heart racing

  • feel sweaty

  • have ‘pins and needles’ in your hands, feet or face

  • feel lightheaded or dizzy

  • have twitches or trembling

  • have changes in your bowel habits.

Thinking and emotional symptoms You might:

  • have trouble concentrating

  • feel restless, irritable or on edge

  • get frustrated easily

  • feel panic or dread

  • have thoughts like ‘I can’t handle this’ or ‘I can’t calm down’

  • have thoughts about something bad happening to you, your baby or your partner.

Behaviour symptoms You might:

  • avoid doing everyday tasks like going out

  • check on your baby constantly

  • have a change in your appetite or eating habits – for example, you might stop eating or start overeating.

If this sounds like you, it’s important to seek professional support. I know this sounds daunting, but this is actually a pretty easy 2 step process for you!

I have included some information and resources below to make it as easy as possible for you.

Step 1. Book a GP Appointment - Ask for a Mental Health plan, if you are in Perth I highly recommend Raphael Services, they are focused on parents/mums, and I would mention them as an option to your GP. I am in no way affiliated with them and this is not a paid ad, I just had a great personal experience.

Step 2. Attend the session with the professional your GP referred you to who will assess your situation and help you figure out how to get back to happy. This step might seem redundant to say, but it's very easy to get to Step 1, get the referral but never book the appointment, trust me I have been there. It's really important you do whatever you have to do to make sure you get to that appointment, and as soon as you can too.


(I am not affiliated in any way with any of these sites, they have not paid me for this, I just found it helpful to use these personally on my own mental health journey)

PANDA Checklist - Really easy and quick checklists that can help you assess your mental health if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed

Raphael Services - 1800 292 292 - Wembley and Cockburn Locations available

Raising Children Australia:

Psyched Mummy Instagram - Lots of tips and helpful graphics to help you put into words how you may be feeling

Mum Space

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